Monday, 24 May 2010

Miss Strawberry Sunshine

Meet Miss Strawberry Sunshine

This pretty little girl was out
in the early morning sunshine
for the photo shoot !!!

She loves showing her new dress and apron

especially all of the
hand appliqued strawberries

and the little bit of smocking
at the top.

She stands 27" tall,

and is wearing
posh new hand-sitched shoes,
lace trimmed socks

and a big red gingham bow
in her long reddy-brown hair

Her dress has a lovely
tiny strawberry print

which is fastened with small white buttons.

Under her dress is a cotton
Bloomin' Myrtle label

She loves all of her lace and ribbon
and there's quite a bit to show off !!!

But most of all she is looking for
a new mummy to adopt her
and to call her very own.

Miss Strawberry Sunshine now has been adopted,
Thank you xxxxx
costs £23 including P&P
She may arrive a little crumpled
from her journey
but her clothes can be removed
and ironed.


  1. Another beauty Elaine ... I can just see folks rushing to give her a new home x

  2. She certainly is another beauty - you are very talented and give them such personalities.

  3. She's gorgeous!! You are soooo talented, Elaine!

    Sharon xx

  4. Oh my oh my....will keep my eye on her and save some pennies!
    You are so so clever Elaine x