Monday, 18 April 2011

Mrs Cecelia Burrows

Mrs Cecelia Burrows loves flowers

She wears them on her hat

on her dress

an even on her bloomers !!!

And of course, she has to have flowers
on her cake too!

Her pretty dress is lovely crisp cotton

which she keeps clean with her
white apron
(with flowers on it too)

She is 9" tall, and is happy to stand
on a shelf or table
showing off her prize baking effort.

Mrs Cecelia Burrows has now been rehomed, thank you xxx

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Meet the Burrows

Meet a new family to the neighbourhood,
Prof. Basil Burrows and his son Harry.

Prof. Burrows is a Botonist,
he loves searching for new and exciting plants
and carries a book of his favourite
specimens with him,

along with a couple of flowers
that need to go under the microscope.

His specks have been especially handmade
to help him with his work.

Harry Burrows wants to grow up
to be just like his dad.

He always does well at school

and can often be found
working away in his book
with his favourite green pencil.

Harry now has a new home but
Prof. Burrows can come to live with you
for just £8, including travel costs.
Please request either Prof. Burrows
at the email address on the sidebar.

A new litter

A new litter of Bunnykins have arrived

Meet Emily, Pickles & Sally Bunnykins.

Emily is a pretty lady who loves
everything strawberry!!!!

She has a dotty lace-trimmed dress
and gingham pantaloons
Even her bonnet has lace
(she's a very posh little lady)

In her hands she's holding a
string of Strawberry bunting,
which she made herself
so she has strawberries all year round.

Pickles is a cheerful young lad
who loves gardening in his veg patch.

He has a lime & purple dotty shirt
and bright stripey dungerees.

His very favourite veggies
are the ones that can be pickled (of course)
especially onions and cucumbers.

Sally is a cute but cheeky little girl,
She loves bright colours,
but especially blue & pink.

She has her soft side too,
and carries around her book of favourite things

but her most favourite of all is her teddy,
she always has him with her
so she can snuggle anytime.

All of the litter are 9" tall, and are able to stand alone.
They can be adopted for a fee of £8 each,
which includes travel costs.
Emily, Pickles and Sally all have new homes now, thank you xxx

Bizzy Lizzy & Beetie

Meet 2 cute little ladies
made with love.

Bizzy Lizzy is 9" tall
and has pretty soft yellow stripes
of cotton fabric, swirled with
tiny pink flowers, much like her name.
She's holding a pretty pink felt flower
in her hand to remind her
of the garden when she goes indoors.

Beetie has vibrant yellow stripes
hand-printed with bright orange
flowers, dragonflies and a checkered pattern
which suits her daring nature!!!
Beetie is holding a pretty white felt flower
and is 9" tall.

Both have fluffy tulle wings
and can *fly* with the aid of
yellow gingham ribbon.

Bizzy Lizzy & Beetie can be adopted for
£7 each, which includes travel costs.
Please request either Bizzy Lizzy or Beetie
by using the contact details found on the sidebar.