Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Scarecrows ?

I'm not really sure the name *Scarecrows*
is quite right,
as I don't think these fine fellows
are going to scare anything really LOL

Cedric ......

.....is planning on gardening
for his keep.

He's all ready in his sturdy clothes
(although they do have a few patches)

Herbert ...

....loves the sun, but he's
well protected too.

Arthur .....

...... likes to play safe so he
keeps his cut flowers in his pocket


...... loves to show his blooms,
and his bright red buttons too!!!

All of them carry their own seed bags
which smell so lovely and say
"Plant a seed of love"
(a Susan Seals Design)

Each little fellow is 9" (24cm) tall
and they all have a jute string hanging loop
and a tiny watering can or plantpot
button on their hat.

Please note, that though attractive to little ones
they are made for display only.
Please be safety aware with small buttons, flowers etc.

The are £8 inc P&P,
please state the name when contacting me.
Details are on the sidebar.

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