Saturday, 16 April 2011

Meet the Burrows

Meet a new family to the neighbourhood,
Prof. Basil Burrows and his son Harry.

Prof. Burrows is a Botonist,
he loves searching for new and exciting plants
and carries a book of his favourite
specimens with him,

along with a couple of flowers
that need to go under the microscope.

His specks have been especially handmade
to help him with his work.

Harry Burrows wants to grow up
to be just like his dad.

He always does well at school

and can often be found
working away in his book
with his favourite green pencil.

Harry now has a new home but
Prof. Burrows can come to live with you
for just £8, including travel costs.
Please request either Prof. Burrows
at the email address on the sidebar.

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